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The Plant Sciences Institute is dedicated to enhancing Iowa State University's international prominence in the plant sciences.

Our research focus is to understand the effects of genotype and environment on phenotypes (traits) sufficiently well that we will be able to predict phenotype of a given genotype in a given environment (i.e., predictive phenomics)

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News & Announcements

Wednesday March 27, 2024
US Farms are Making an Urgent Push Into AI. It Could Help Feed the World
Friday February 9, 2024
Iowa State's Translational AI Center (TrAC) to Participate in Department of Commerce Consortium Dedicated to AI Safety
Wednesday February 7, 2024
Two mechanical engineering faculty recently named ASME Fellows
Saturday January 13, 2024
Move Toward Precise Crop Inputs
Tuesday January 9, 2024
Singh Joins Iowa Soybean Research Center as Co-Director
Wednesday November 8, 2023
ISU Researchers Hunt for Hard-to-Spot Genetic Links to Improve Crop and Livestock Breeding