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The Plant Sciences Institute is dedicated to enhancing Iowa State University's international prominence in the plant sciences.

Our research focus is to understand the effects of genotype and environment on phenotypes (traits) sufficiently well that we will be able to predict phenotype of a given genotype in a given environment (i.e., predictive phenomics)

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News & Announcements

Wednesday December 7, 2022
Iowa State University Agronomist Predicts the Future Through Modeling
Wednesday September 28, 2022
Major USDA Grant Supports Pioneering Agricultural Genome to Phenome Collaboration Led by Iowa State University
Tuesday August 16, 2022
Researchers Studying Leaf Angle Aim to Improve Yields, Inspire Young Scientists
Wednesday June 15, 2022
Dr. Aaron Kusmec Presenting Research on Yield Predictions in Future Climates During the National Corn Growers Association Board of Director's Visit
Wednesday February 9, 2022
PSI Scholar Liang Dong honored with new professorship role
Thursday January 20, 2022
Plant Sciences Institute Welcomes Four New Faculty Scholars in Third Cohort